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Hello Joyjibonjoy3!

Thank you for signing up to DroidVPN!

Username: Joyjibonjoy3
Password: 009988

Before you can use your account you first need to activate it by clicking this link or manually visiting the url below

Activation URL: https://droidvpn.com/account/activate/k05xe9zo

Password of DroidVPN_PC_v3.zip file: droidvpn

You can then login to our vpn servers after activating your account using our VPN client which you can download at Google Play.

Trial accounts are limited to 100MB/day and you can only connect to Free servers. If you want to remove those limitations you need to upgrade your account. You can upgrade your account on this page .

Please remember that you can only download torrent files using servers labeled with P2P

Warm regards,
The DroidVPN Team

If you did not create this account on DroidVPN and you think someone else has used your email address to create an account, please cancel this registration by clicking here.

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