Updates to the Kartra Affiliate Bonuses are Here!

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Hey there!

Couple of things to update you on with your Kartra Bonus content.

#1 - Changed the location for the bonus content.

What I did: I've compiled the Kartra bonus content into a smart pdf and removed it from my online course area.

Why I did it: Two reasons. First - any membership system is going to have the same frustrating problems - login troubles, forgetting passwords, etc... I wanted to remove that. And secondly, I'm launching some premium courses in the university in the coming weeks and I wanted to remove the affiliate bonuses from the course area as it was causing a little... clutter. 

What you need to do: Simply Click here to get instant access to the smart PDF. What's neat about smart PDFs is that all the videos, embeds, links, and other rich content are still there and easy to use, WITHOUT needing the annoying login details. And most importantly, with the Smart PDF link, any updates I make will automatically show up in your copy! You can still download it like a regular PDF, but the smart PDF is definitely the way to go :)

#2 - Just a full Kartra Funnel Build Walkthrough!

Some of you have reported that Kartra's import campaign function has been screwy, and I'm truly sorry about that. To make up for it, I walk through the entire process click by click to show you how to build out the entire funnel from scratch which gives you a much better understanding of the platform in the process.

It's all added into the updated version of the bonus content. Sadly I'll be working with the Kartra team to figure out what is buggy with their import process.. which is totally bumming me out! 

Anyways, back to creating value for you!

That's it for now!

John "he's on a roll!" Whitford


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