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Hi Ragnar1295

Enjoying the site?

I noticed you haven't taken advantage of our VIP membership upgrade. As a VIP member you will get lots of extra features - viewing all the pic/videos, no limits to messages and free members can still read your messages.

When you're VIP, people tend to take you more seriously. This isn't all the features you will have access to and I can guarantee you will notice the difference in the amount of interaction on your profile!

I will give you my direct line so we can chat more about it or you can ask on the live chat on the upgrade page here. If you're nice I might even give you a discount ;)


Sally X

Phone 0800 368 8013

Also, if you wish to be admin validated, have an enquiry or problem with the site, please use the support tab on the main menu bar and contact me or the support team at
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