3 Bed 2 Bath HOUSE W/D In Unit Patio, Fairmount

Create: 2018-04-17
Update: 2018-04-17
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Good afternoon, I’m interested in the property. Could you give me the address?! When can I come look at it https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/apa/d/3-bed-2-bath-house-d-in-unit/6551443929.html Sent from my iPhone ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original craigslist post: https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/apa/6551443929.html About craigslist mail: https://craigslist.org/about/help/email-relay Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other): https://craigslist.org/mf/438515728f9ad163c4ff498eb12cab49ff66097d.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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