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Create: 2020-10-01
Update: 2020-10-01
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I know that you visit PRONOGRAPHIC movies!

Your smart-phone got a malware so this allowed me to use your microphone and your camera and record you in slient mode, without you knowing while you pleasure yourself! The deal is next.. if you don`t send me 500$ worth of Blt Coin the video with you(doing you know what) will be sent to the list of your contacts.

My sneaky app that was installed had also a second function, to grab all your contacts from social media, phonebook list, emails and so. How about the passwords? Nope, any smartphone has a security check so they scan what actually an app can do, so stealing passwords? Not good, this can be detected! Using camera and extracting contacts without the use know? Normal stuff!

Ok! So in order to buy some coins go and search on Google for "Buy Blt Coin instantly" and use the next address to send the coins:

Address: 1 P i 8 k W r 6 R t o U z n 6 s 7 G Q 1 V J 9 1 k w 8 K X 7 J q K F

Amount: 0.047

Be aware! The Address which is CASE SENSITIVE has spaces and you must to eliminate all the spaces and the result it has to be a string of 34 characters and it will start with "1" and will end with "F". Use that string with no spaces to send the coins! The time limit is... a few days!

Ok... to uninstall my sneaky app reset your device to factory settings. Use Google for "Reset to factory settings [your phone model]". Also maybe you think that I got your passwords, go ahead change them too! To avoid getting infected next time, keep your OS up to date!

Also maybe you will consider to stop watching this type of content... it makes a mess in your brain.

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