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Congratulations! You have made the first step in simplifying your online presence at ItsMyURLs! Please use this validation link within 48 hours to activate your profile and log in: https://itsmyurls.com/login/NuZerFzwPr Here are some guidelines on what to do next to complete your profile, and then how to best use your profile after you complete it. 1. Log in to your profile at https://itsmyurls.com/ - this will take you to your "dashboard" area. 2. From the dashboard click on "add a link" and you can start adding all of the links to your social profiles for example "instagram.com/username". 3. Add a profile photo and background image, make sure they are under 5mb in size each and a jpg, png, or gif file type. 4. Then view your profile and see how it looks, go back to the dashboard to make any changes needed at this time. 5. SHARE IT! Once you share it, log in to your dashboard area and click on "view analytics" to see which of your links people are clicking on and other cool data ;) _________________________ Place your ItsMyURLs link in your social profile bio's so that people can get to your profiles in one click: Twitter: - go to http://twitter.com/settings/profile - put https://ItsMyURLs.com/stefanbton into the WEBSITE LINK field Linkedin: - go to http://linkedin.com/myprofile - add https://ItsMyURLs.com/stefanbton to your contact section. Facebook - go to http://facebook.com/profile.php and click the pencil in the "about section" then click the edit button in "contact info" and add https://ItsMyURLs.com/stefanbton to the links area. Also add it to your instagram, and any other profile or app bio that you have ;) Your email Signature: - Just put this link at the end of your email: https://ItsMyURLs.com/stefanbton On Business Cards: - Next time you print business cards don't forget to add your ItsMyURLs Link! https://ItsMyURLs.com/stefanbton Album Covers, and any Promotional Materials: - Don't forget to add your ItsMyURLs link to your album covers or any promo material, so that your fans can access your complete online presence with ease. https://ItsMyURLs.com/stefanbton ____ Kind Regards, - ItsMyURLs Staff -

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