There could be fireworks between us tonight... Dat!

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...It's in your hands!

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In fact Dat. It could rock your world!

We know how it feels. You’re ready to take the plunge but you still feel nervous. Don’t worry, you've come to the right place, and because it's our first date we'll split the bill with you. When you make your first purchase of just $5, we’ll give you 900,000 gold coins and $10 in free $weeps.

It's going to be epic.

*Terms and Conditions.

1: Customers who receive this email are entitled to purchase 900,000 gold coins $10 $weeps Cash for $5. 2: This offer is only available by clicking the link in this email. 3. This offer must be claimed by within 14 days of receiving this email. 4: This offer may only validly claimed once per customer. 5: This offer is personal to the recipient to whom it is addressed and may only be validly accepted by the recipient of this email. 6: This offer is not transferable. 7: Any customer deemed by Chumba Casino to be abusing this promotion will be removed from future Chumba Casino promotions and Chumba Casino may suspend or close the account of that customer. 8: Chumba Casino reserve the right to withdraw, change or amend this offer at any time. 9: This offer is subject to the Chumba Casino Terms and Conditions and $weeps Rules. 10. No purchase is necessary to play $weeps Games at Chumba Casino. Refer to $weeps Rules for further information. 
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