TigerGraph Newsletter - November 2023

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Welcome to the November installment of the TigerGraph Monthly Newsletter! This edition is packed with thrilling updates, including our 3.9.3 product release, achieving remarkable 100x performance boosts with NVIDIA GPUs, upcoming webinars, and the excitement of forging global partnerships!

    New Product Updates!

    On November 1st, TigerGraph announced plans to release TigerGraph graph database version 3.9.3, which introduces extended support for workload management, Kubernetes, and OpenCypher!  Read the Full Press Release

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      Learn about TigerGraph's latest release, where they explore how it extends enterprise capabilities for Graph Analytics, workload management, real-time data ingestion monitoring, Kubernetes support, and OpenCypher integration!

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      Latest Webinars

      Unleashing the Power of Generative AI Integrating Large Language Models with TigerGraph (4)

      Supercharge Your Financial Crime Detection: Unleash The Power Of Graph Analytics | Register Today to learn about real-world examples and case studies showcasing how graph analytics is transforming financial crime detection.

      Latest Blogs

      Supercharge Graph Analytics at Scale with GPU-CPU Fusion for 100x Performance

      "cuGraph optimizes graph analytics with GPUs, the TigerGraph graph database complements the GPU acceleration with its efficiency in storing"...

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      Latest News

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      TigerGraph Strengthens Its Presence in APJ with Pascal as Master Distributor

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      TigerGraph Appoints JKSTACK as Exclusive Distributor in the Chinese Market

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