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[#오늘의방탄] #BTS is TIME's 2020 Entertainer of the Year!! Thank you, ARMY😘
#방탄소년단 #인터내셔널팝케이센세이션썬샤인레인보우트레디셔널트랜스퍼USB허브쉬림프마운틴하와이안피자Dynamite핫백1위3번그래미어워즈팝듀오그룹퍼포먼스노미LifeGoesOn핫백1위BTS
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Watch: TIME's Entertainer of the Year @BTS_twt perform "Dynamite" #TIMEPOY
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BigHit Entertainment
Dynamite (Holiday Remix) Release
#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Dynamite

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Володимир Зеленський
Grateful to @VeniceComm & @giannibuquicch1 for the decision on the #CCU. The approved documents provide important guidelines on how to avoid the damage to anticorruption agenda & to reform the CCU. The Commission's stand ‘ll be taken into account to prepare judicial reform in 🇺🇦
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