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Learn German Fast in 2021 with GermanPod101 & Get up to 45% OFF.
Greetings Listener,

Bad news: We ran out of Premium Plus spots last night.

But the great news is that we still have Premium spots at an even lower price.

And yes, you are still going to learn German in the next 12 months. Learning is as easy as pressing the play button on a 3-15 minute lesson.

And with Premium, you get "all-access" to our complete learning program: easy audio/video lessons, 15+ learning tools, app access and much more.

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We Know Exactly How to Help You Realize Your Dream of Learning German.

How can we be so confident? Because our system has been designed and refined to ensure your success.
  • Start Speaking German From Your Very First Lesson
  • Lessons Just 3-15 Minutes to Make Learning Fun & Easy
  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime with the App
  • Includes 15+ Learning Tools to Help You Master Vocab, Conversations & Grammar Fast
  • Get 24/7 Support and Teacher Feedback for Any Questions
  • Transform Small Blocks of Time into Big Progress Towards Your Goals
  • Our Proven System is Used to Teach 34 Languages
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You Get Everything You Need to Learn German.
The secret to our Premium Plan is the learning tools. Developed by language experts, these tools make learning lessons a breeze while boosting your retention. Here’s everything you get the moment you upgrade to Premium:
  • App for iPhone, iPad and Android: Learn anywhere, anytime and transform free time into progress towards your dream!
  • 1,920+ Audio & Video Lessons by Real Teachers: You get lessons for all levels: From Absolute Beginner to Advanced. You get everything you need to go from "I speak no German" to speaking at an advanced level.
  • Special Courses - Travel, Culture, Reading, Writing, Conversation & More: Get German lessons based on your needs. Learn to read and write, do grammar lessons, or just focus on speaking. It's up to you.
  • Progress Tools That Make Learning Easy: As soon as you complete a lesson, the next lesson will automatically load for you as well. That’s learning on Auto-Pilot.
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Plus, Learning Tools to Help You Learn Even Faster.
  • 15+ Learning Tools: Smart flashcards, 2000 German words & phrases list (enough for conversational German), conversation tracks, vocab slideshows, word bank, review quizzes, lesson checklists and more help you master and learn lessons fast.
  • New! Premium Assessments to Test Your German: Want to test yourself and see how much German you’ve learned? Take our Premium-only Assessment exercises.
  • Instructor Notes: Get teacher notes and PDFs for every one of our 1,920+ lessons
  • Line-by-Line Conversation Breakdown & Translation
  • Voice Recording Tools: Practice speaking by recording and comparing yourself with native speakers.
  • Apple TV Access
  • New Lessons Added Every Week (can’t get this with any other system or textbook)
  • And Much, Much More
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Don’t Forget Your Gift that Makes Learning German Even Easier.
Upgrade during our 12-Month Challenge and we’ll give you 1-year of access to our Inner Circle at no charge. As a member, you’ll get study tips and learning techniques straight from our founder. He’ll show you how to leverage all the tools in GermanPod101 to your full advantage. Our Inner Circle is only available to 12-Month Challenge members.

Your Success is Guaranteed.

Just sit back, push “Play”, and you can be speaking real German in just minutes. Yes, it’s that easy and even better—it’s fun! With more than 100,000 Success Stories and lessons by real teachers, you can’t miss.

You're Protected by our 60-Day Refund Policy.
If you are not speaking German in lesson 1 or if you aren’t happy for any reason, just contact us within 60 days. We’ll refund your entire upgrade with no questions or hassles.

But, You Have to Act Soon.

Our Premium Plus is already sold out. And while we have Premium spots left, they may not last.

So to make sure you can learn German this year and complete your New Year’s resolution: You must take action.
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  3. Done!
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To Transforming Dreams Into Reality,
Team GermanPod101

P.S. Have a question? Just respond to this email. Our customer support team is waiting to help.

P.P.S. You can master German in 12 months or less using our proven and powerful Premium plan. So what are you waiting for? Ready to transform your dream of learning German into reality one lesson at a time for just $8.25/month? Then: Upgrade Now!

P.P.P.S. Everyone that joins with this email gets 30+ PDF German Conversation Cheat Sheets.
PDF cheat sheets
Your gifts will be inside your welcome email sent instantly upon upgrading.

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