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Thanks for ordering, Richard
Here's your receipt for Bonchon Chicken (325 5th Ave).
Total $44.00
Seasoned Fries
  Choice of Size
  Large (15 Wings and Eight Drumsticks) ($22.00)
  Choice of Preparation
  Soy Garlic ($0.00)
  Choice of Side
  Pickled Radish ($0.00)
Subtotal $42.90
Tax $3.81
Promotion -$7.00
Service Fee $6.44
Discount -$2.15
Delivery Fee $0.99
Delivery Discount -$0.99
Amount Charged  
Uber Cash
You ordered from Bonchon Chicken (325 5th Ave)
Picked up from
325 5th Ave, New York, NY
Delivered to
9 E 9th St, New York, NY
Restaurant Image
Delivered by Daouda
Delivery people are critical to communities right now. Say thanks with a tip.
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