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Instant wins by adding your Linktree to these places.

Hi الماااااارد,

Now that you’ve got the hang of our dashboard and explored different link types, it’s time to start driving major traffic to your Linktree.

Copy your Linktree

Copy Linktree
Add your Linktree to each platform

Navigate to your Facebook page and add your Linktree as your website.

Log into your Instagram, head to your profile page, tap ‘edit profile’ and paste your Linktree URL in the website field.

Navigate to your Twitter profile page, tap ‘edit’ and paste your Linktree URL in the website field.

Head to your TikTok profile and paste your Linktree URL in the website field.

Add your Linktree to your YouTube channel in your About links as well as in each video description.

Email signature
Edit the URL in your email signature and copy your Linktree in instead!

Add your Linktree now
Need more detailed steps?
Head to our knowledge base for other places to share your URL and step by step instructions. Read the support article.

Connect all of your content with just one link

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