Segwit compatible ✔️: Your bitcoin transaction issues, solved

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For cheaper and faster transactions,
Paymium is now compatible with all Bitcoin addresses!
We support innovation for a more efficient Bitcoin network.
Bitcoin addresses
Trade bitcoins
SegWit (Segregated Witness), is an update of the Bitcoin protocol allowing to process a larger number of transactions. The cost of operations is reduced and transactions are processed faster.
All Bitcoin wallets are now compatible with Paymium, including those with SegWit addresses.
Do you own a Bitcoin hardware wallet from Ledger or Trezor?
If the answer is yes, your Bitcoin address is most likely set using the SegWit format. You are now able to deposit and withdraw your bitcoins to and from your Paymium account.
Is it possible to send BTC from one type of address to another?
Yes, with Paymium you can send and receive bitcoins to and from any type of Bitcoin address.
How do I know the format of a Bitcoin address?
The first digits identify the format of your Bitcoin address. SegWit addresses, which we recommend, start with "bc1".
Trade bitcoins
The Paymium Team
Launched in 2011, Paymium is the world's longest standing Bitcoin exchange platform. Since 2018, the company has developed a marketplace dedicated to the trading of crypto-assets for individuals and investors. Based in Paris, France, Paymium, has more than 220,000 customers.

For assistance: email us.
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