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http://giaapaowkslsksjamajzkqqkaskjjaokajwkw7901019191010191910101919101283756890101901109110101919827465678010101910101001.msdc.co/gysispspslwlsskmzkkqkqkqkwkwkwkwkwkkwkwkwwkkwkwkwkls7101019119911919191919911991919119/discisosowksk71910119101919919191191919191919911919/boot.damskskskak719101910101910101919 Hasokdksokdkosksksk8910111901012282892299229202929299292 bdam9010191010 Guy texts back after ghosted me, why? Months ago I had a half night stand, no sex. I gave him my # and we texted, we agreed to meet up and he canceled both times. Then he ghosted me, Yes I texted a few weeks later saying how it was not cool to do that, he said sorry and told me "For the record he would want to hang out again" I told him I'd be in town and he could meet me at this event I was going to, he said okay. Never showed up again! Fast fwd a few months, I move to his city and I tell him were probably better off as friends vs lovers, if he wanted to re-connect I'd be down. He texted back right away and asked where I landed. He said we could meet up and go to a specific park one of these days. ...Show more Singles & Dating1 min ago Login to be the first one to answer How many kilowatt hours of electricity is used to produce 1.00 kg of sodium metal? Full question: Sodium metal is produced by electrolysis from molten sodium chloride. The cell operates at 7.0 V with a current of 25*10^3 amps. How many kilowatt hours of electricity is used to produce 1.00 kg of sodium metal? Please describe your answers clearly and please include steps. ...Show more Chemistry3 mins ago Login to be the first one to answer What's the worse state in united states? What make you say that? 2 AnswersPolitics4 mins ago Login to add your answer See Your New House Payment with Quicken Loans Mortgage rates have fallen. If you’re paying a mortgage - even if you’ve recently refinanced - you should be considering refinancing for a lower rate. Ad QuickenLoans NMLS#3030 How are you feeling now with everything that is happening? ? Iyanla Vanzant, an inspirational speaker, had the great idea of asking everyone how they're feeling. No matter the rank of your "race" in the race of "races," everyone spoke their feelings. I want to try this here with you all. I don't care how ignorant or knowledgeable you are, your level of anger, or your background. I want to know how the past events, whether public or personal, has made you feel. How do you feel? "I feel like..." ...Show more Other - Cultures & Groups4 mins ago Login to be the first one to answer
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