Re: [NixOS/nixpkgs] elfutils-0.176 is broken on musl (#68699)

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argp is just one of the problems for elfutils+musl, unfortunately . Look at what various musl distributions do to handle this, such as void, alpine, adelie. We have argp-standalone already, but looks like we don't use it w/elfutils ( easy to fix, see 753a8b0 ) -- didn't make sense to just add that when the build fails until we pull in obstack and fts too, and possibly some patches. Here's void:

FTS should be available already, but we don't have obstack ...

Is this something that gets linked in, or does GHC need the tools at build-time? Might be better to just build this with glibc (I think obstack often used is basically copied out of glibc anyway, don't rem lineage of argp-standalone), dunno.

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