Registration of SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator / Small Office

Create: 2020-09-09
Update: 2020-09-09
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Safe: Yes

Thank you for your registration! You have registered the following information: Product = SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator / Small Office Name = King Company = Kingdragon E-mail = Before you start using SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator, we recommend you to read this information page: There you will find links to more information about USB AutoRun Creator, and links to tips and tricks pages. If you have some questions or got problems you are welcome to send an e-mail to our support team at: If you want to order a full version of SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator, please go to: Tip! If you need help in the program, for example in a specific dialog box, just press the 'F1' button! Best Regards, SamLogic

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