In conversation with... Ana Monte and Daniel Deboy

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In conversation with... Ana Monte and Daniel Deboy

An in-depth discussion with Ana Monte (lead sound designer) and Daniel Deboy (lead sound engineer), co-founders of DELTA Soundworks.


Ana Monte and Daniel Deboy are the two founders of DELTA Soundworks, a 3D/immersive audio post-production facility located in Heidelberg, Germany. They both spoke to us recently about their backgrounds in audio, and how DELTA Soundworks got started, as well as how NUGEN plug-ins such as Halo Upmix fit in with their work in 3D audio.

“Using NUGEN, you can really have fun with your audio.”

One of the projects discussed is their innovative collaboration with the Exerimenta Science Dome, a 360-degree theater with 29-channel audio system in Heilbronn, Germany:


Daniel: “We relied on [Halo Upmix] significantly for the Experimenta Science Dome project because we were also working with a lot of external source material from opera composers who delivered it in stereo format. Also, the Dome is not a 5.1/7.1 theater, it’s 29 channels. So, Upmix really helped us go from a stereo format to something that we could distribute in the room. I was able to adjust all of my sources through the plugin and, ultimately, distributed a 3D mix. Using NUGEN, you can really have fun with your audio.”


Ana: “I use Halo Upmix for sound design, especially to create atmosphere sounds, like a forest. I plug in my source and Upmix just works. It’s really great; I don’t have to spend hours tweaking the sound just to have it only serve as a bed to add extra elements on top. [...] With Halo Upmix, we are able to guarantee that the package can be played in other places, even if they don’t have 29 speakers.”


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