5 FREE Ebooks To Improve Your Mixing Skills

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Improve Your Mixing Skills.

Interested in some useful content that can bring up your mixing game? Here's a list of TOP 3 most recent FREE ebooks from Sonarworks to get you started.

Choose what grabs your interest:

  • Delivering Great Mixes

  • Mix Your Low-End Like a Pro

  • Get the Most from Mixing on Headphones

See what's inside…

Delivering Great Mixes ebook covers a strategy for confidently completing a mix. It goes through techniques on how to create cohesive and professional-sound mixes and tips and tricks around how to eliminate competition between the kick and bass. Additionally, the ebook includes as well as recommendations for how to create great mixes from imperfect product!

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Low frequencies provide the foundation, size, and create the power of a great mix. Regardless of the stage of production, though, we have to trust our monitors and have a sense of how low-end should sound and feel. Mix Your Low-End Like a Pro ebook will guide you to the skills of creating accurate bass that transfers well to a wide range of listening situations, from headphones to car stereos to concert P.A. systems.

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Get the Most from Mixing on Headphones ebook accurately summarizes what's better - mixing on headphones or speakers and why. It walks you through some of the best techniques on how to get the most out of your headphones and have recommendations for some of the best tools that can make headphone use more comfortable.

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Sonarworks has measured more than 800 different headphone models and has compiled their favorites in this Pro Headphone Buyers Guide 2020. It will help you find the best tool for your task and budget, in a simple, straightforward manner.

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