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Saturday • November 14, 2020
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WRHA boss admits poor oversight
DANIELLE DA SILVA THE early probe into a deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Maples Personal Care Home has revealed possible breaches in infection control, insufficient record keeping and an admission that oversight of the residence by health officials "wasn't...
Patients triaged in cars
CAROL SANDERS AS anti-maskers were preparing to rally in Steinbach, the community's hospital was reportedly being overrun with COVID-19 patients. It became so hectic Friday, some patients were being triaged in their own vehicles, because of a lack...
Docs ask who to turn away if hospitals full
DYLAN ROBERTSON MANITOBA physicians don't know who will be denied care if hospitals are overwhelmed, and need clarification on the protocol for dealing with a care-home outbreak that requires rapid intervention, a confidentialdocument shows. ...
Premier's governing style does Manitobans no favours
COVID-19'S second wave has not been Premier Brian Pallister's finest hour. The premier's combative, stingy and shortsighted governing style has not served Manitobans well during one of the worst crises the province has facedin its 150-year...
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