5 tips for streaming asset data

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Integrate Fluke sensors into eMaint CMMS

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Would knowing the real-time condition of your assets make your job easier?


If you have eMaint CMMS software, you're halfway there. (If you don't have eMaint, we can get you up and running in as little as four weeks.)


Integrating Fluke condition monitoring tools such as the Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensors and the 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor into eMaint can help you make better data-driven maintenance decisions. You'll be able to:

  • Continuously monitor asset health
  • Receive alerts if equipment conditions seriously change
  • Trend data, catch anomalies, and predict future machinery issues
  • Make timely repair and replace decisions
  • Avoid potential asset failure

Integration is seamless using Fluke Connect software. It will enable you to view data wirelessly from the field, plant, or home via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


Read our Integrate Fluke Connect sensors with eMaint CMMS: 5 tips blog post to learn more.

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Fluke Reliability offers reliability and maintenance teams the tools, software, and services they need to optimize asset performance. Home to three powerful iconic brands—PRUFTECHNIK, eMaint, and Fluke Connect—we serve more than 70,000 customers worldwide with a relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and service. Our products inform customers on the health of their assets and our software and services drive better maintenance decisions—improving productivity, driving uptime, and reducing costs.

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