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M.T. White
“This great liberal switch from skepticism to sanctimony”...our friend @KittenHoliday featured in great piece by ⁦@walterkirn⁩…
Jerry Saltz
God save the Queen
Marzia Bisognin
He got destroyed.…
John Wilson
Huge #TrumpProtest in Portland Place. Can’t see how it will move south down Regent St as thousands are still heading north from Oxford Circus, being corralled round onto Mortimer St then Gt Portland St to join rear.. which is now up near the park.
Jay Calderin
“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” ― Rose Bertin #artistdemonstration Drawing from 18th-Century Fashion w/Jay Calderin #mfacasanova #fashionhistory #fashiondrawing #18thcenturyfashion THIS SUNDAY! 7/15/18 12-3pm @mfaboston
Pete L'Official
What should a black book look like? I wrote abt Arthur Jafa's, A SERIES OF UTTERLY IMPROBABLE, YET EXTRAORDINARY RENDITIONS, for @parisreview (cheers to @nicolerudick). Come for notes on Black Visual Intonation; stay for a quick shout to Nas' eyes in BELLY
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