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Welcome to Japan HDV !! Your Japan HDV account is now ready, below is your user information to gain access to member area : Username : "xhycswfg" Password : "h6ejyz2a" Site Name: JapanHDV Subscription ID : "2442092205" Biller : "epoch.com" Visit our members area at http://members.japanhdv.com ******* FREE BONUS SITES ******* With your current user information, you can also freely access to the following sites: http://members.asiansbondage.com http://members.avidolz.com http://members.mycuteasian.com http://members.javhq.com http://members.brutalasia.com http://members.teenthais.com http://members.hd-access.com ******* I M P O R T A N T ******* ~ Your access can take up to 10 mins to work on all our sites. If it still doesn't work after 15 mins, please contact us as soon as possible. ***** MEMBERS HELP PAGE **** Make sure to visit our Members Help Page which is located here : http://www.membership-help.com On this page, you can find a lot of help on how to increase your download rate, how to fix a problem if you cant play a movie etc. Feel free to email us at support@membership-help.com including your subscription ID, if you encounter any problem using our services. ***** SECURE AND PRIVATE ACCESS TO OUR SITES **** Keep access to your favorite websites and entertainment content, and forget about censorship or bandwidth limits. We have a special deal with the best VPN service provider. Please click on the following link to get this exclusive discount: https://go.nordvpn.net/SH2RA Thanks again for signing up at Japan HDV, we value your membership and we'll do our best so you enjoy your Japan HDV Membership, ~ Japan HDV team ~ http://www.japanhdv.com

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