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academia type things to do during quarantine

- write letters to your long lost lover

- pretend you’ve been locked away in a castle with no company but your own and your favourite books

- gaze longingly out the window at the stars

- daydream about a pretty gal/guy/whatever rescuing you from the prison cell that is your home

- sent your friends heartfelt notes

- redecorate your room with random things around your house

- if you have a garden: pick flowers and frame them on your wall

- if you don’t: you may still be able to pick some from your local park

- write the next greatest piece of literature

- get through your to-read list

- practice a skill you’ve been wanting to learn. embroidery, perhaps?

- fake your death. murder is always a good way to go

- pretend you’re a character in a classic novel

- design your own clothes (or whatever!)

- create impeccable spotify playlists (or you could add to this one)

- eavesdrop on your neighbours and take notes like a detective…unless it’s something you shouldn’t be hearing

- people-watch from your balcony

feel free to add more! remember to take care of yourself and your family during this time. and don’t forget, looking after your mental and physical health is really important right now. i love you all. stay safe! <3

#dark academia #light academia #dark academia suggestions #suggestions #poet #literature #writing #coronavirus #quarantine #self isolating #books #music #dark academia aesthetic #light academia aesthetic

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this is so mesmerizing…

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