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Hey Coso, 


You waited too long and missed out on a little bit of extra savings, but we wanted to give you one more great deal to make joining Billy Gene’s “30 Days of Geneius” a no-brainer: 


For a limited time, we’ve unlocked a $200 savings for your account, which is still less than what most of our other members paid!


So why are we going through all this trouble to give you another deal? 


Because of these 2 truths:


1. You got on our email list because you wanted a fast and recession-proof way to make money.


Well, many of our “30 Days Of Geneius” members started making money after the first few days! 


And yes, speed is great, but what happens over the 30 days is that you’ll learn a life-long, dependable, and high-demand skill that you can leverage to make money no matter happens to the economy.


In a nutshell -- All businesses on the planet need customers to survive, right?


In a good economy, to grow, they need customers.


In a bad economy, to survive, they really need customers.


That's why the strategies Billy shares (his strategies for getting paid to help businesses get customers) is recession proof and the perfect business to start, no matter what’s happening.


2. You don’t only care about how you make your money, but also how much you make. 


Saving or helping businesses grow is pretty cool on it’s own, but it’s also lucrative!


Here’s how money works: The number in your bank account is a reflection of your ability to solve unique and significant problems. 


Doctors make a lot of money because they keep people alive. 


Lawyers make a lot because they keep people out of jail. 


But if you can be the person that keeps businesses from failing by giving them customers so they can thrive and scale... guess what just happened to your earning power?


BOOM, it skyrockets!


So would you like us to give you immediate access, like right now, to the Billy’s step-by-step, 30-day plan, to learn this skill and get clients…. for less than $4 a day? 


Go here and get signed up before the timer hits 0 to save $200!


Reena Ayoub | CMO


P.S. This is one of Billy’s favorite quotes: Sacrifice for what you want, so what you want doesn't become the sacrifice. We’re rooting for you to take the leap and join the plan that we think will be the best investment you’ve ever made. Go here to get started!





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