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A man from Ford Lauderdale, FL, says that this dash-cam has kept him away from jail after he got wrongfully accused of a hit and run.

In the recording, we see the man driving on the road, when suddenly, just as he reaches a green light, the police cruiser appears on his left-hand side with its barely visible warning lights on, but no audible siren.

There had been a hit&run in the area and Roger's car fit the description of the hit and run car. As a result, the police thought it had been him that did it.

"After this incident, I went back to the UltraCarCam24 website and bought a few more of these for my family. For the price that they cost me, they really are worth 10000x more.

Who wants to be wrongfully accused of hitting someone elses car, or doing something illegal? With the UltraCarCam24 it's just too easy to prove you're right."

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