Welcome to Danfe Training!

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Danfe Training

Welcome to Danfe Training!

All in One Solution for Online Training for Small Businesses.

Thank you for Signing up!we are excited to have you onboard.Danfe Training is easy to use, Training platform to create and manage trainings for your organintaion.

With Danfe Training you can create:

  • Training for organizational users like employees.This can used for Employee Onboarding, skills or compliance Training.
  • Training for users out side of your organization like your customers and vendors.Perfect for Customer Onboarding, Product Trainings etc.
  • Self Sign up Training for anyone to Sign up through public portal.This can used for creating paid or free courses.

Please go through the following Training to quickly get started

Danfe Training - Quick Guide

Please click below or copy the link in the browser to login.Same URL is used by the internal users to access the training portal.



Below is the link to access your public Training Portal.


Hope you will enjoy using DanfeTraining.

Please reach out to info@danfetalent.com if you need any assistance.

Thank you DanfeTraining

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