Working With Barchart Premier\'s Advanced Options Screeners

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Barchart Premier's Advanced Options Screeners

Your Barchart Premier Membership gives you full access to all of the Options Screeners, where you can screen for ten different strategies, or create your own screener on stock option puts and calls. Screeners included in your membership are:

  • Options Screener: select your own filters to find puts and calls
  • Covered Calls: use this strategy to increase returns on your long stock/ETF positions.
  • Naked Puts: a strategy where you sell put options on a stock you do not own, and earn the premium income if the option expires worthless.
  • Spreads Screeners: strategies where you buy and/or sell calls and/or puts.
  • Strangle and Straddle Screeners: additional strategies where 2 options are chosen based on expiration and strike prices.

The screeners allow you to use different filters to find options meeting your objectives, thereby narrowing down the options to those that match your personal criteria.

Options Screener Filters

The Screeners all start with some basic filters in place, as you can see on the "Set Filters" tab. Refine the existing filters, and add new filters based on your requirements. Additional filters allow you to screen for:

  • Symbol (important in a Covered Call or Naked Put strategy)
  • Probability
  • Market Capitalization
  • Stock Price
  • Delta
  • Implied Volatility
  • Volume / Open Interest Ratio
  • Volatility Percent Change
  • and more

You may also screen for options based on the symbols found in your Watchlists or Portfolios, or screen on Lists (popular stock pages on the site, such as Trading Liquidity, Top 100 Stocks, Top Stocks to Buy, and more.

Save Your Screeners

With your Premier Membership, once you create a screener for a specific strategy you can save it and run it again at any time. Each day, new candidates will be shown in the Results tab for you to review.

Questions? Your Premier Membership gives you access to Premier-Members only support. Just email Our goal is to respond to all questions by 5pm CT Monday-Friday when the markets are open.
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