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Update: 2021-02-17
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What’s good Necat ?

I know your music is streaming but do you also have a Soundcloud page?

Soundcloud is still one of the top sources fans go to hear new music so you def want to keep it updated with your latest work.

So straight to the point..

How would you like to boost your plays on Soundcloud? 🙌

How would you like your music to be placed on some of the biggest playlists on Soundcloud?

This is all possible with my brand new Soundcloud Plug List.

Just like the Spotify Curator List, this list will connect you with the owners of the Top Soundcloud playlists in the game.

We released this last year and got a ton of positive results, so we decided to re-release it for a limited amount of time.

With your music on these major playlists, you will instantly start gaining new fans.

Are you interested in learning more? 😃

Click this link and Instantly claim your list before we remove the link.

The reason why we aren’t keeping it up is because we don’t want everyone getting this because then it will saturate the market.

Claim your list today and Get Your Music Heard!

Stay Grindin! K.E.

P.S. I’m announcing the winner of the Free Beat in the next few hours. If you haven’t already, get in this contest by doing 2 things. Subscribing to my New YouTube Channel and leaving a positive comment On This Video.

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