Cut QA by 90%

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Did you know that Sofy is the best at enabling engineering teams to release faster and improve productivity? Over 2,500 apps have been improved using Sofy! 


Sofy’s features will keep you and your team ahead of the game.


Here are the benefits of our features: 

  1. Device Lab – Skip the guesswork of emulators and simulators and create better experiences for your customers by having access to “real” devices from anywhere 
  2. Manual Test Management – Execute multiple tests across multiple test cases without waiting for QA team 
  3. No-code Test & Execution – With a click of a button reduce your QA time from days to just a couple of hours 
  4. Reporting – Robust reporting that helps reproduce bugs easily and helps you deploy faster 


With Sofy you can cut QA time by 90% and deploy a better quality of your app. 


Happy no-code automation testing!  


Hyder Ali 
VP, Product and Business Development 


P.S Have questions about Sofy’s features? Schedule a time with me.