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Don't forget! Help protect your family with this awesome newborn stem cell preservation giveaway.
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Don't forget! Help protect your family with this awesome newborn stem cell preservation giveaway.
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Congratulations on entering your second trimester! Now is a great time to think about banking your baby's cord blood. You can even enter to win it for FREE ($1,680 value) with CBR, the newborn stem cell company rated #1 by OB/GYNs.1
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1. Blind survey, Egg Strategy, 10/19, funded by CBR.

COVID-19 Update: Your newborn stem cell questions answered.

The use of cord blood is determined by the treating physician and is influenced by many factors, including the patient's medical condition, the characteristics of the sample, and whether the cord blood should come from the patient or an appropriately matched donor. Cord blood has established uses in transplant medicine; however, its use in regenerative medicine is still being researched. There is no guarantee that potential medical applications being studied in the laboratory or clinical trials will become available.

Cord tissue use is still in early research stages, and there is no guarantee that treatments using cord tissue will be available in the future. Cord tissue is stored whole. Additional processing prior to use will be required to extract and prepare any of the multiple cell types from cryopreserved cord tissue. Cbr Systems, Inc.'s activities for New York State residents are limited to collection of umbilical cord tissue and long–term storage of umbilical cord–derived stem cells. Cbr Systems, Inc.'s possession of a New York State license for such collection and long-term storage does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of these cells.

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