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Hi there, Re: Your Hoobly account with the username "victorine7": This email is sent out periodically to make sure Hoobly can still reach your email address. You don't need to take any action as bounces are detected automatically. To access messages you've sent and received click: To access your account profile click: A few reminder points: 1/ *Always* make sure you're logging in to a website that starts with There are a lot of phishing emails around that try to steal your login information by getting you to enter your username and password on a bogus website; 2/ Don't fall for scams! Sending money by Western Union is particularly bad it seems; watch for ads that tell you to "text only". See more tips at 3/ Don't fall for "Hoobly support" scams! Hoobly is run by one person, me, and I *never* ask for anyone's access code. A common ploy is to threaten members with account termination unless they share their login credentials. Thanks again for using Hoobly and have a great day! Peter To instantly unsubscribe from messages of this type go to:

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