New Monthly Dose: Amplify the Therapeutic Effects of Your Practice

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Join Rachel Land to explore the reasons we might commit to regular yoga practice. How can we maximize the positive outcomes of our practice time?
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New This Month: Explore The Many Reasons We Might Commit To A Regular Yoga Practice

Hi Athena,


Welcome to a new year, a new month and a NEW Monthly Dose to help us begin 2023!  Join Yoga Medicine® Teacher, Rachel Land, as she explores the many reasons we might commit to a regular yoga practice. For many of us, the motivation is to support our physical and mental health.


But, if our aim is to craft a therapeutic yoga practice, what exactly does that mean? And how can we maximize the positive outcomes of our practice time? This monthly dose explores those key questions, and offers four potential strategies to ensure your practice time, energy and attention are invested where they will have the greatest impact.


If you're interested in a deeper practice, here is an additional resource to explore on Yoga Medicine Online this month, with Rachel Land:

    • Try the “Back to Your Practice” class series: four 60 minute classes starting here with Series 1 - designed to be practiced once a week, supported by a condensed 15 minute version you can do each day to create momentum around your practice habit.
    January Monthly Dose 2023
    Monthly Dose

    Don't miss these 4 LIVE classes to help support your regular yoga practice this month:

    Join Tiffany every Tuesday at 9am PST through all of January!

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    Additional LIVE Classes In January to Add to Your Calendar!

    Active Slow Flow:

    60 Minute Hatha Vinyasa

    with Jenni Tarma

    January 18th, 9am PST


    Balanced Flow

    60 Minute Hatha Vinyasa

    with Rachel Land

    January 23rd, 1pm PST

    Mindful Movement & Intention: 60 Minute Hatha Vinyasa

    with Valerie Knopik

    January 29th, 9am PST

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    We hope you're enjoying all there is to explore on YMO and are grateful to be a part of your ongoing wellness journey. We'd love to see how you're using these classes throughout your life, so don't forget to post on Instagram and tag us at @yoga_medicine for a chance to be featured!


    From our hearts to your home,

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