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Friday • August 21, 2020
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Province cranks up restrictions
CAROL SANDERS ONE day after the province unveiled its colour-coded COVID-19 pandemic response system, the city of Brandon and the surrounding Prairie Mountain Health region have had their threat assessment raised to orange. As such, indoor and...
Juggling 15,000 students in a distanced world
DANIELLE DA SILVA EVERY property in the Louis Riel School Division has been measured and mapped in an effort to ensure students have the personal space they need to be safe when the bell rings next month. Division superintendent Christian Michalik...
Biden's speech of a lifetime: 'I will draw on the best of us'
STEVE PEOPLES AND ALEXANDRA JAFFE WILMINGTON, Del. - Joe Biden vowed to unite an America torn by crisis and contempt Thursday night, accepting the Democratic presidential nomination and achieving a pinnacle in an unfinished quest that has spanned...
Classroom safe space questioned
GABRIELLE PICHÉ MANY government officials don't often visit schools, so Thursday, a community group brought theclassroom to them. Safe September MB, a citizen group concerned with the province's plan on how schools will run this fall amid the...
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