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What�s up, dear mister!
My name is Maia.
I ‘m a relation-free person searching for long-term dating.
I am just a fragile girl, who wishes to find a simple fellow to enjoy simple happiness together.
I am tired of being lonely, I plan to get acquainted with a man to adore me and look after me.
I lead healthy life, I enjoy going in for sport. I prefer homemade food. I am a non-smoker and keep off alcohol.
I dare use my own e-mail address because I want to beleive you will want to write me soon.
If you are looking for a open-hearted and honest woman, please answer me.
am living with a feeble hope that you found me interesting. I will always be happy to answer you.
I will gladly tell you everything about my background. I promise to tell more about myself in my following messages!
I append for you my photographs so that you could see the young woman who dreams to find the man of her dreams in you.
Will you consider sending me your pics or at least one pic?
Have a perfect day, love, your potential mate, Maia.
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