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Ever since picking this up...

I spend way more time shootin' at the range and on my back forty.

Don't matter if it's daytime, nighttime, inside or outside I can pick off targets with this baby:

Awesome thing is... I'm nearsighted, can't aim for crap, yet I can still nail my gong hundreds of yards out.

You can see your targets with a red laser and man, you just can't miss using this thing!

My dad can whip out his "Dirty Harry" revolver and pop bullseyes at long range like no one's business...

So here's the deal:

My buddy got his hands on about 50 of these things...

and you can get them for a crazy discount...

Well, while we have 'em.

So go here if you want to start hitting targets:

Laser Sight Blowout!

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