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Developer Events

Speed vs Security: New Frameworks for Protecting Cloud Native and Multicloud Environments

Live stream from Cisco Live Wednesday, June 7th, 4:00 PM PT | 7:00 PM ET Join us for a free, livestreamed special event to hear the latest thinking on technologies and techniques for cloud native application security. In this live stream from Cisco Live in Las Vegas, you’ll get insights and advice from a distinguished panel of experts, including:

  • Gene Kim, researcher and bestselling author of "The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win."
  • Kelsey Hightower, Principal Developer Advocate at Google Cloud.
  • Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source at Cisco.

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide where responsibility for security should lie.
  • How your teams can connect and collaborate for both security and speed.
  • How developers can use their unique skills and perspective to help innovate on DevSecOps practices to deliver a more comprehensive, effective understanding of cloud application security.
  • The latest thinking on the technologies and techniques that make cloud application security both lightweight and effective.

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Onsite at Cisco Live? Don’t forget your DevNet Learning Maps!

We have prepared five distinct Learning Maps to help you dive into the topics you care about the most. Each map offers a sequenced session path to help you get the most out of your Cisco Live experience whether you’re attending in-person or virtually. Download them today.

  1. Bringing DevOps to Life
  2. Dev + Sec + Ops = Success
  3. Getting Started with Cloud Native
  4. Observability & Beyond
  5. Infrastructure-as-Code

Also, see what’s going on with the Cisco Developer Community during Cisco Live US.

SDWAN Automation Awareness Month Starts June 12th

APIs and automation tools have become essential for customizing and streamlining operational tasks. Leveraging these tools, developers can now create efficient workflows that save time and reduce errors, while also improving the overall quality of their products. Get hands-on experience with APIs and automation tools to create customized workflows that improve network performance and reduce operational overhead. Three-week program starts June 12th. Don’t miss one-of-a-kind webinars, workshops, use cases and more.

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“Beyond SBOMs: The Future of Software Supply Chain Security,” Now Available On-demand.

Cisco Distinguished Engineer Ed Warnicke and Cisco Head of Product Marketing Mike Chenetz as they discuss moving beyond SBOMs for the future of software supply chain security. Special guest panelists include:

  • Aeva Black, (OmniBOR Project, Microsoft)
  • Brandon Lum (Guac, Google)
  • Cole Kennedy (TestifySec)
  • Dan Lorenc, (Wolfi, OpenSSF, Chainguard)

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