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Thursday • September 17, 2020
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Virus transmission suspected at city school
CAROL SANDERS PUBLIC health officials declared the first code orange at a Manitoba school on Wednesday, after seven COVID-19 cases were confirmed, sending three cohorts of students home in a test of the province's remote learning backup plan. ...
Hundreds rescued as tropical storm Sally wreaks havoc near Florida-Alabama line with 165 km/h winds and rain measured in feetA11 Trent Airhart wades through floodwater in downtown Pensacola, Fla., Wednesday. Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores,...
Home for the Holy Days: ringing in Jewish new year via livestream
BRENDA SUDERMAN INSTEAD of full houses, multiple services and security guards directing traffic, Winnipeg's synagogues will be largely empty this weekend when the Jewish community marks its new year. "We take it now that every home is an extension...
More resources on way for busy COVID testing sites
PUBLIC health officials reported 23 new cases of the novel coronavirus in Manitoba on Wednesday, bringing the total number of active cases to 283. Twenty of the cases are in Winnipeg, two cases are in the Interlake-Eastern health region and one case...
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