Anna Zatanna posted: Another one of my mother\'s Cannas lily is bloom...

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Anna Zatanna
Another one of my mother's Cannas lily is blooming this beautiful morning.

The dog is Rosie and was Mom's shadow.

She was so attached to her that whenever Mom went out,
Rosie would sit near the gate and wait for her to come home.

They loved each other so much. ❤️
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Anna Zatanna's Photo
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Chris Nunn
6 million (or more) unvaccinated Canadians were treated like secondhand citizens for the better part of 2 plus years.

While it is imperative that we move on as a society, we must never allow such mandates to be reintroduced.

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I don’t understand the logic of the Canadian federal government.

Tax the middle class into poverty.

Give billions away to foreign countries that we actually don’t have. 100% financed debt.

Meanwhile employed Canadians are lined up at food banks.

Please make it make sense.
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Richard Woodruff 🇺🇦
Guys you bullied @stillgray so much he deleted his tweet attacking me LOL.

I love you all 🤣❤️🇺🇦

@dim0kq is this a new achievement?…
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Dorian Wilde
We are not in a recession.…
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Hurt CoPain
in case you thought tweeting and sharing about the situation is useless
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