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No-code automation testing brings a lot of benefits to the table. As you audit platforms, keep these parameters in mind:  

  1. Ease of Test Creation:  
    • Ability to create automated tests in minutes  
    • Create reusable templates to avoid repetition 
  2. Ease of Test Maintenance: 
    • Resiliency across devices and app changes  
    • Ability to edit and make changes without recreating test cases 
  3. Ease of Execution: 
    • Ability to see realtime execution   
    • Run at scale on 10s of real devices and schedule them 
  4. Integration with CI/CD 
  5. Reporting: 
    • Easily get test reports   
    • Setup and Environment   

Sofy has thought about all of these items and has nailed them all. Ready to start your subscription? Schedule a time with me. 



Hyder Ali

VP, Product and Business Development