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Tuesday • August 4, 2020
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Wishing for a whiteout
KELLEN TANIGUCHI AFTER a Jets playoff win, Winnipeg streets are usually flooded with a sea of white, but on Monday afternoon just a single white jersey could be found inside a downtown bar as the team edged the Calgary Flames 3-2 to tie the bestof-...
Pandemic, scandal hurting charities
JORDAN PRESS OTTAWA - The pandemic has not been easy on a key source of revenue for Habit for Humanity - its social enterprise known as the ReStore. The brick-and-mortar operations, like others in the country, closed during pandemic-related lockdowns,...
This little piggy... should go to Europe
DYLAN ROBERTSON MANITOBA pork producers want the federal Liberals to pressure the European Union to buy more Canadian meat, with internal records suggesting a 2017 trade deal has been bogged down in regulatory barriers. The European market is more...
Secrecy shrouds Liberal PPE deals
JORDAN PRESS OTTAWA - The federal Liberals have given companies more than $5.8 billion in pandemic- related contracts for personal protective gear and medical supplies. The latest figures provided by the government also show that about two-fifths...
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