Beyond the Hype: The Hidden Costs & Champions of Gen AI ????

Create: 2023-09-28
Update: 2023-09-28
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This week, we’re all about generative AI. “Groan, not another IT vendor jumping on the AI bandwagon,” I hear you say. As it happens, rolling out your LLMs isn’t as easy as ChatGPT would have you believe. You must consider the backend data architecture and the potential for CFO-startling cloud costs spiralling out of control as AI sets to work.


And while Data Scientists tell you theirs is “the sexiest job of the 21st Century,” the data engineers feeding AI’s insatiable appetite for (controlled, accurate, and governed) data will be the unsung heroes. While Gen AI has broad applications in business, the opportunity to disrupt BI as we know it today is tremendous. But is your data warehouse that powers the BI ready yet to support this disruption?


You can read all about it in our new blog!

tim young


Tim Young

Chief Marketing Officer, Yellowbrick


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