#NASAMoonKit: To pack or not to overpack, that is the question

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What's in your #NASAMoonKit?
In recognition of the upcoming Artemis Green Run Hot Fire test bringing us even closer to launching humans to the Moon once again, we just have one question for you: What would you take with you to the Moon? 🚀 Share what you’d put in your suitcase with #NASAMoonKit!
What's in Your #NASAMoonKit?
Spoiler alert: There is an expert mode for all of you over-the-Moon achievers!
How to Share Your #NASAMoonKit
This Week in Space
Hispanic Heritage Month – NASA is paying tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. Astronaut Frank Rubio and leaders from NASA celebrate the contributions of Hispanic Americans across the agency during a special program titled “Hispanics: Be Proud of Your Past, Embrace the Future.” 
Watch Here
Precisely Landing With Blue Origin – We've developed state-of-the-art NASA technology to help spacecraft make precise landings on the Moon, and on other worlds. We're testing a new sensor suite on an upcoming Blue Origin suborbital launch. 

Read about NASA's Lunar Landing Technology
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Completes Environmental Testing We tested NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to ensure that it would be able to withstand the thundering noise and the jarring shakes that will be experienced when it is launched into the deepest pockets of space. Webb passed with flying colors! Next up: A final set of deployment tests before it’ll be shipped to Kourou, French Guiana.

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Cargo arrives in space! – Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus cargo spacecraft, carrying more than 8,000 pounds of scientific investigations, technology demonstrations, commercial products, and other cargo, has been bolted into place on the International Space Station while the spacecraft were flying about 261 miles above the South Pacific Ocean. 

Details Here
People Spotlight
Meet the executive assistant to the center director at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Carmen Arevalo

“Carmen is truly the heart and soul of Armstrong,” said David McBride, Armstrong center director. “Everything she does, she does with exceptional integrity for all of us at the center.”

As a young woman growing up in Mexico, Carmen Arevalo didn’t imagine that, one day, she would work at NASA. She has now worked for the agency for 30 years, supported three center directors, and observed the center’s name change.
Meet More Faces of NASA
Image Spotlight
Anyone else hungry? We launched nearly 8,000 pounds of cargo and supplies to the International Space Station this week to nourish the humans onboard. Astronaut Chris Cassidy was most excited about grapefruit, oranges, carrots, and garlic. “The best thing about a cargo ship arriving is getting some fresh food!” We agree!

Image Credit: Astronaut Chris Cassidy on Twitter
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