Discover What\'s New: Atarim Integration, Tutorials and More in Visual Composer

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Visual Composer

Hi there,


We're thrilled to share the latest updates in the newest release of Visual Composer with you.


You can now enjoy the highly anticipated Atarim integration, discover how it can improve your workflow in our exclusive interview with Atarim's founder, and learn two new Visual Composer tricks. 



Visual Composer Team


Integration with Atarim - Collaborate Like A Pro

The Atarim integration allows you to collaborate visually, making collaborative website development a more fun and less daunting experience. Build websites, manage projects, and collaborate with clients and teams from the same space.


Start collaborating in Visual Composer for free ➡️


Learn more about our partnership in our Q&A with Vito Peleg, the founder of Atarim here.


CSS Tricks & Pro Tips


Are you looking to improve your skills with Visual Composer? We've got you covered!

How To Create Two Buttons Side By Side in WordPress


Learn how to create two or more buttons side by side with button groups in WordPress, making it easier for your visitors to navigate, sort, filter, and take action.


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How To Add Custom SVG Masks To Images with CSS


In this tutorial, we show you how to add custom SVG masks to images by using CSS in Visual Composer. We've also included a free mask kit to help you add trendy shapes to your images with ease.


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