New 2023 Trainings are Open for Enrollment!

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Two in-person trainings and one online training are coming your way in early 2023. Sign up for the Online Hip Intensive Training, Traditional Chinese Medicine Yoga Teacher Training, Cadaver Lab, and more!
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Hip | TCM | Cadaver
Passionate about expanding your knowledge?

Our 2023 Online & In-Person Yoga Teacher Trainings are Open for Enrollment!

Hi Naomi,


With the New Year on the horizon, how are you envisioning bringing your goals to life in 2023?


Our goal is to continuously support our community in the growth and evolution of your practice and knowledge, so that you can keep sharing what you learn to enrich the lives of your students through yoga therapeutics.


This is why we're so excited to announce part of our lineup for the first half of 2023 with more in-person trainings & opportunities to learn online!


Check out the incredible trainings we just opened up & get them on your calendar for 2023!

*We likely will not have any more in-person trainings until Fall 2023.*

Visit our Full Training Calendar


Master the Wisdom of  Chinese Medicine!

March 27-30th in Charleston, South Carolina

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Get a $100 early bird discount through January 12th!

Our 24hr Traditional Chinese Medicine Training kicks off on March 27th, and here’s what we’ll be diving into…

  • Yin/Yang Theory and the 8 principles of diagnosis
  • Meridian Theory and the differentiation of the organs as it applies specifically to yoga
  • The 5 elements and their therapeutic applications
  • TCM principles as they relate to supporting common dysfunctions
  • The main acupressure points and their integration in a yoga practice
  • How to create impactful group class sequences around TCM themes
  • How to conduct an intake, complete an assessment and develop a highly personalized and powerful treatment plan
  • … and more!

We’re passionate about sharing these practices & foundations of Chinese Medicine theory with our community because we believe they prove instrumental in helping teachers understand students’ unique needs and create more well-rounded and effective practices rooted in whole-body healing and wellness.



Explore Human Anatomy through a Yoga Lens

at the Cadaver Dissection Lab Training!

April 24-27th in Boulder, Colorado

*Spaces limited - enroll now to secure your spot!*

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Get a $200 early bird discount through January 12th!

In this 28hr training we will infuse hands-on lab hours with lectures to help you relate your discoveries in the physical dissection to the clinical and movement observations from your yoga teaching background.


Here's the daily schedule:

  • Day 1: Dissection Techniques & the Superficial Layers
  • Day 2: Muscular Layers
  • Day 3: Abdominal & Pelvic Dissection including Organs
  • Day 4: Joints, Deep Muscles, Brain, Bones

Led by 2 powerhouse teachers including Ph.D Todd Garcia who is owner and director of Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment and our own founder Tiffany Cruikshank. Each day Todd will guide daily skin-to-bone dissections of untreated cadavers while each student learns through hands-on participation and observation of several cadavers in process.



Expand your knowledge to powerfully work with the hip joint with the Online 55hr Hip Intensive Training!

Starting January 15th

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Here are the main topics that we will cover during the Hip: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Hip Structure & Anatomy
  • Hip Function
  • Assessing Hip Function & Mobility
  • Working with Common Injuries
  • Therapeutic Yoga Applications
  • Building Individualized Protocols
  • Putting It All Together in a Clinical/Yoga Setting
  • Prevention & Durability Training

This 55-hour advanced online teacher training provides a thorough examination of the hip’s anatomy, dysfunction, and the application of yoga to address common contraindications.



Apply For A Scholarship


We're committed to removing barriers to access quality continuing education for yoga teachers, which is why we're offering a total of 6 scholarships to our upcoming online 55hr Hip Intensive Yoga Teacher Training starting January 15th!


If you are in need of financial aid or are a member of the BIPOC community, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship via the popup on the training page before January 6th.


Scholarship recipients will be selected at random, and will be announced via email and social media on January 6th.

Hip Scholarship

If you have any questions about the upcoming 2023 Trainings, please reach out to us at Payment plans for all trainings are available to US customers on our website via Affirm and PayPal. For international customers, please email us directly to set up a payment plan.


With gratitude,
Tiffany & the Yoga Medicine® Team

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