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Welcome to MEGA

Hi Halle Block, thanks for joining MEGA, your free account is ready and you can start using MEGA now.

Warning: Due to our advanced end-to-end encryption, it is mathematically impossible for us to recover or reset your password. If you lose your password, you will lose access to the data in your MEGA account. We highly recommend you make a backup of your Recovery Key now:

Back up Recovery Key

You can back up your Recovery Key later in your Dashboard or Account Settings.

About MEGA



Unlike most other cloud storage providers, only you control who has access to your data. Not even MEGA can access your data!



Your data is encrypted on your device using your password as the encryption key. Secure collaboration with others is guaranteed through asymmetric cryptography, which means that only the end points have access.



Not only is MEGA more secure than its major competitors, MEGA provides a very generous amount of free storage and transfer quota, and easy ways to achieve even more for free!

You have just joined many millions of like-minded users on the world’s safest cloud collaboration platform.

Visit mega.nz

Mega Limited 2021

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