This is just the beginning (your ENTP personal growth path review + what’s next)

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Hi Sdas,


Thank you so much for tuning in as we sent you some of our best resources specific to your type. We know you are a busy person, but we appreciate having the opportunity to become part of your personal growth journey.


Did you stay on target with your daily actions?

If you did - we're impressed! That was a LOT of content.  

If you didn't - we TOTALLY understand, and in fact, have compiled those resources for you to consume when it's right for you.

Below you will find all the podcasts, articles, and videos that we sent you in the past couple of weeks. It's in an easy to use list so you can save this email and find all the content later.



CONTENT REVIEW (With Links) =============================================


==>> Get the ENTP Personal Growth Starter Kit


==>> ENTP Personality Advice podcast

==>> Why growing your co-pilot is so empowering


==>> ENTP Survey: 5 Things ENTPs Wish They Had Known as Teens

==>> Becoming a Better ENTP

==>> ENTP Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth



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This is only the beginning. We want to be a part of your personal development growth path.

The world gives us so many reasons to lose faith in ourselves. Instead of a guidebook for self-esteem and love, it seems like the world gives us a guidebook for insecurity and self-doubt.

We want to provide you with endless messages that you CAN have a purpose in life. You CAN become the best version of yourself. You CAN provide value and leave the world better than when you got here.

And we'd love to be part of your personal development journey. 

We want to warmly invite you to become a part of this personal growth focused community. We can't wait to see you there. 

Talk Soon.

Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge

Owners | Personality Hacker 

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