SSO + password management: do you need both?

Create: 2023-03-30
Update: 2023-03-30
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Learn how to build a comprehensive identity strategy with SSO + PWM.

Hi Alecksoakaosksk,

Passwords aren’t going away anytime soon, which means password management is still a critical part of any comprehensive identity strategy.


Join our live webinar on April 13 at noon ET to learn how to round out your IAM stack and achieve greater control and visibility over every authentication method in your environment with a decentralized password manager.


Here’s the link to sign up.

Not familiar with the idea of decentralized password management? No sweat — the speakers will cover what exactly a decentralized approach is, how it compares to traditional password managers, and why it’s an ideal solution to complement your existing identity infrastructure.


Hope to see you there!

— Shane




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