[Analyst Report] Smart Data Engineering, Operations and Orchestration

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Learn how smart data engineering can help you succeed in a data-driven world.


Smart Data Engineering, Operations and Orchestration


Smart Data Engineering, Operations & Orchestration

A typical data management organization today has data deployed in on-premises data centers and multiple cloud environments. They have data in flat files, tagged files, relational databases, document stores, graph databases, and more.


Managing data stored in different locations, formats and with varying change-velocity can become a daunting task without the right architecture. This Eckerson Group report by David Wells explains how a data fabric-based architect can help you architect your data strategy for success.

  • Data fabric is an emerging solution to the complexities of modern data management. It combines architecture, technology, and services to automate much of data engineering, operations, and orchestration.
  • No single vendor provides a complete data fabric solution. Choose the right technologies to weave your data fabric. Interoperability is a key consideration.
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