The LocalStack Newsletter — LocalStack 3.0 has Landed!

Create: 2023-11-16
Update: 2023-11-16
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🚀 LocalStack 3.0 has Landed!

Big news in cloud development: LocalStack v3 is here, and it's not just about cloud emulation anymore. We're branching out with more functionalities that will revolutionize how developers build secure, resilient, high-performing cloud applications.


 ✨ What's New in LocalStack 3.0?

  • New providers: S3, Step Functions, ElastiCache
  • Chaos Engineering tools
  • IAM Policy Stream in the Web App
  • Ephemeral environments for LocalStack
  • Analytics for CI runs
  • Faster, enhanced AWS services
  • An all-new Desktop Application
  • Multi-region and multi-account support
  • Our new LocalStack networking initiative for easier configuration


All these are designed for quick, efficient development and testing. Dive into our blog for the full scoop on LocalStack 3.0. It's time to turbocharge your cloud projects from localhost to CI! 🌐💡💻