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Create: 2023-02-20
Update: 2023-02-20
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Dear user ,
Important changes to a child account ( ec***@**** ) linked to your HUAWEI ID ( wes***@****** ) will take effect in one month.
According to your prior authorization, a child account managed under your HUAWEI ID (a parent/guardian account) will be separated from your account in 1 month. This is because your child will soon be old enough to manage their own account in accordance with the minimum age in your jurisdiction. You can view child accounts linked to your account by logging in.
Following this change, your child will be able to manage his/her account without your supervision. This includes being able to delete the account, make changes to it, or use it to log in to third-party apps and games. If you previously set a payment method for this account, we advise you to reconsider which payment methods you would like to make accessible to your child, in order to prevent unauthorized payments after the account is separated. If you have enabled Family Sharing (certain countries/regions only), shared payment methods and subscriptions will remain valid. Other services will also continue to be available as before. To help you learn more about this change, we encourage both you and your child to read the User Agreement and Privacy Statement of our mobile services.
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